Capital Financial Group Helps Recognize The Impact Of Young Professionals In Knoxville

Capital Financial Group was a $1,000 level sponsor at the 6th Annual Impact Awards for Young Professionals of Knoxville. The awards took place Friday, November 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the Foundry.  Associates Bryan Powell and Jon Leonard attended along with friends and a few clients. The awards honor local individuals and organizations who are making an impact on young professionals at work, with clients, customers, or in the community.  These awards honor three organizations based on size, impact, philosophy, community involvement and overall leadership of young professionals.  The individual awards honor young leaders who embody YPK’s vision of making Knoxville a desirable city for young professionals to work and live.  

“We were proud to be one of the lead sponsors for this event. As a board member for the past and upcoming year, I have witnessed first-hand how this organization provides an opportunity for young professionals to improve their personal and professional lives by providing an avenue to “Connect, Develop and Serve” in the Knoxville Community. Personally, this group has allowed me to expand my client base. expand my social network and gain a better understanding of the Knoxville business scene.  I’m looking forward to sponsoring and participating in many events in the upcoming year.,” said Jon Leonard, who is the current Finance chair and upcoming Treasurer for the 2019 Board.