Capital Financial Group Hosts 2nd Annual African American Advisor Forum

An open forum was conducted on Wednesday May 1st at Ridgeway Country Club in Memphis. There were 15 participants from the Memphis, Nashville, Tupelo, Madison and Jackson offices. The event was a place for everyone to share ideas, talk about challenges and provide encouragement to each other.

At the event, there was a mix of senior advisors, managers and new advisors. “The 2nd Annual CFG African American Advisor Forum was a great experience. It provided a platform for African American advisors to have an open discussion about the challenging issues of our community and how it relates to the services we provide daily in our practices,” Joe Doss, Managing Director in the Memphis office, said about the event. 

 The forum addressed many different issues such as target marketing, economic challenges, how to run a successful practice and fee based planning. There were hard questions brought to the surface and discussed. “We were able to identify some of the most common issues, interrogate the origins of those issues, debunk the myths and excuses that surround these issues and collaborate on different strategies or ways to overcome them that will enhance our ability to build a successful financial advising business. I am looking forward to the opportunity to build from this experience during next year’s forum,” stated Joe Doss.

“I find it inspiring that the leadership at Capital Financial Group is allowing and providing this platform for us to discuss, develop plans and present those plans to leadership. We want to change the game and be a model agency,” Robert Hall, Managing Director in the Tupelo office stated. This program plans to grow and expand with the coming years.