Capital Financial Group Hosts Women's Advisor Forum

An open forum was conducted on Wednesday, April 24th at Ridgeway Country Club in Memphis. There were 11 participants from the Memphis, Nashville, Tupelo, Madison and Jackson offices. The event featured a place for everyone to share ideas, talk about challenges and provide encouragement to each other.

In general, the financial services industry isn’t an easy one, especially if you are new to the business. Although women can face some additional challenges in their careers, women can be great relationship builders-which is an essential quality for a financial advisor.

            “This was the best forum I’ve attended so far. I didn’t know I needed a women’s forum until it happened and I’m glad I went," stated Tera Welch, one of our advisors who attended the event. "The women’s forum further confirmed for me that women are and can be just as impactful in this industry as men. It also confirmed that women have a special gift that men don’t have and that’s the ability to really pay attention to detail and to express sincere empathy." 

            Starting to build a practice is difficult and when you add in multiple other commitments and a family. “Events like this are so important because as women we wear so many hats and we need help at times; we need a tribe. The ladies at Capital Financial Group are that tribe to help, encourage, lend a hand, or a word of support when need. That is priceless.” Stated Emily Hunt, Managing Director in the Madison office. This event is part of a larger initiative at the firm for women advisors to develop mentors and strong relationships with their peers.