Charitable Giving Report 2017

The fantastic culture here at Capital Financial Group was shown off this week with the release of the first charitable giving report. Data was collected from a survey of employees and agents about their involvement in the communities we serve and compiled with the firm’s philanthropic efforts. The report highlights our incredible amount of volunteer hours, firm donated funds, and number of agents and employees who sit on boards of non-profits. We were impressed to see that in 2017 our agents and employees volunteered 3,658 hours and 29 of them are sitting on boards. At least one employee or agent from each of our offices is involved in a charitable effort within that community. Also impressive were the numbers from the staff organized activities like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the night walk team and the holiday drive for Martha O’Bryan Center. These activities continue to take place each year because the staff organizes them, runs them and loves participating in them. Tim Sinks, CEO offered his praise, “In a business world driven by sales and production numbers, I am so proud of my associates and staff at CFG for our Charitable work in 2017! We increased our giving by over 2x, and volunteered over 3500 hours!! There is nothing more important in life than giving back, and nothing that says more about people than that……my father always told me,” there’s 2 kinds of people in life, givers and takers, and always be a giver”.
In 2018, we’d love to see these numbers expand and plan to reinforce this service minded spirit with matching programs, and opportunities to donate funds and items right at work with friendly competition between branches. We cannot wait to see the continued efforts in the next year!