The Power Of Books In A Child's Life

A child’s third grade reading level is the single biggest indicator of success in school. Yet, most of children who live under the poverty line don’t even have one book in their home to read. At Capital Financial Group, we heard these statistics and decided to try to make a change in our local communities. Feeling very fortunate, we chose charities in our communities that would accept new and gently used children’s books and began a drive in our offices to collect the books.

         The Nashville office chose the Martha O’Bryan Center for their donations. A book drive was organized by friends of Marth O’Bryan Center and a coordinating book fair took place on April 12th. All 70 children from the after school program at Martha O’Bryan were able to choose 10 books each to bring home with them. Then families from the Cayce Place community were also able to come and choose books for their homes and take home a meal as well.

         The Memphis office chose the Memphis Library’s program that sells books through book sales in order to purchase new books for the library and support library programming. What cannot be sold, goes to children and families in need.

Friendly competition between the Nashville and Memphis offices ensued, with the Nashville Office leading until the very last day, which the Memphis office pulled ahead-by an amazing amount. The Memphis office surprised everyone by donating over 1000 books, succeeding their goal by 900 books! While the Nashville office collected 363 books. C.E.O. Tim Sinks (housed in the Nashville office) exclaimed “Way to go folks; I’ve never enjoyed losing so much in my life”! A Special thank you goes to Greg Miller in Hendersonville and Scott Knowlton in Memphis for their very large contributions to this effort!