Capital Financial Group's Ridgeland Office Moves To Madison, MS

March 11, 2019 – Capital Financial Group’s Ridgeland, Mississippi office moved to the nearby Madison area. Now located at 124 One Madison Plaza, Suite 2200, Madison, MS 39110, the employees and advisors in the formerly Ridgeland location are excited to be in a new space with room to accommodate future growth of the firm.

The advisors and staff are very pleased and excited about the new office location. Our clients can still expect ease of access as the new office is located on the same street as the old one.  The building is nicely set, surrounded by a wooded area around the building with the decorative flowers at the entrance covered by mesh wire because the deer will otherwise feast on them.  Yet civilization is nearby with shopping, restaurants and other office buildings.  Becky Macon commented, "I'm happy to be in the new location.  I love my new office space, and hope to enjoy some successful years here."